reeves - company credit checks

Every year over 6 million company documents are scanned, indexed and stored by Companies House. No alteration to the content or appearance of original company documents is made during the scanning process providing you with transparency to the business information on file. These documents are kept as image files and supplied to businesses for financial assessment.

Instant access

CoCredo Ltd supplies the very latest scanned company documents at the touch of a button, enabling you to stay in touch with the bigger financial picture.

Our online portal provides you with the ability to download over 200 million documents, helping you to instantly access information such as; company annual returns and annual reports, capital documents, issued share capital documents, and mortgage index reports. You can also purchase previous years' documents and other essential information via our site.

We can provide UK company documents for free to our customers. Simply log in, search for the company you need a document for and click to download. The documents can also be downloaded from within our company credit reports.

This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the documents are available instantly to download.