reeves - company credit checks

In today's technology based environment, we all look to streamline our business processes so that we can automate as much as is securely possible to improve efficiency whilst maintaining stability.

Time saving technology for your reporting

Our automated credit reporting service takes away the need for the manual generation of reports and can talk directly with your internal IT systems which can save a significant amount of time.

We also have experience of working with customers whereby our IT Team will assist you to fully integrate credit data into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and/or Accounting Software. Chosen fields can be taken from information contained in our manual reports, and saved within specific fields in your CRM or Accounting Software, without the ability for manual data entry.

The technique we use to do this is called XML Delivery and it works in a similar way that you would by generating a report manually. The system can dial directly into our secure IT systems via your IT infrastructure and information will be passed automatically to verify your access. We will then work closely with you to choose the information you require on each company and we will immediately respond with that data using the company registration number or company name.

Always up-to-date

The data supplied by our XML Delivery uses the sames data sources and database as our online reports and is updated throughout the day. We are also able to supply not only information on Limited companies both in the UK, but also Non-Limited companies, Companies House Documents and Director Reports.

Surprisingly, there is little or no cost for implementing this type of service rather than generating reports via our online service. We have concise instructions that we can email over providing step by step instructions. The cost of providing this to you will be purely based on the time it takes to integrate this with your IT team, based on an hourly rate charged directly to you upon completion of the project.