reeves - company credit checks

Global Trading may expose business to unknown territory and it is essential to protect your company when trading overseas. CoCredo Ltd provides international business information you need to safe guard yourself from adverse risk.

International reports from 235 countries/territories

Our  company credit reports service brings you financial reports from companies across 235 countries/territories, which is the largest international database in the marketplace.

We supply extensive international business data providing you with inside knowledge on the overseas companies that you deal with. No other credit information provider can beat our international coverage which means that most international reports are instantly available to download.

Our reports include all the information that is publicly available on a company and also any additional information that can be sourced through internal investigation to provide our users with added insight.

Detailed investigations are carried out regularly on each international business so that you can trust the global information that we offer is accurate, dependable and resourceful.

Report features

The service is complimented with a free priority investigation service for any businesses that you are unable to locate on our systems with the quickest lead times available in the industry.

We work with international sister offices around the globe who can collect additional data on request to collate the information that you need to make an informed credit decision.

With so many risks to consider when trading at an international level, it is essential business practice to conduct international company credit checks when trading abroad.

Key benefits

  • Simple to use and intuitive
  • Assists in identifying fraud and theft
  • Speeds up the application process for new customers
  • Database audit trail with access to extensive and unique data sources