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It is imperative you understand your customers, suppliers, and competitor’s financial position to protect your business against bad debt. A CoCredo credit report provides the inside information that you need.

Reliable credit information

CoCredo reports provide extensive, reliable and valuable company credit information within the UK and Ireland, giving you the information that you need to safeguard your business from adverse risk.
Our company data is continually updated throughout the day and ensures that customers have the most current information available. We aggregate data from a range of leading providers across over 235 territories globally so that our customers can view the best available data in one easy to use report.
This fantastic first class service is available via our portal which is available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day meaning you can access dependable data any time or place to manage risk.

Credit Reports help to…

  • Investigate potential customers
  • Explore a company’s history and possible ability to pay in the future
  • Collate all the information together in one report, rather than sourcing it independently
  • Monitor your existing customers and suppliers for any changes
  • Find out who the company decision-makers are
  • See your customers payment patterns
  • Find out how much recommended credit you should be offering to a company
  • See how quickly customers pay their bills
  • Give customers peace of mind
Our UK and Irish company credit reports range from a snapshot/summary Level 1, to a fully comprehensive Level 3 report, depending on the level of information you require.
Please click the following link to see what is included in each report: Report Matrix.

Every year CoCredo helps to protect billions of pounds worth of customers’ money. Why not let us help protect yours too?

Pay and Go

Our pay and go service allows you to purchase credit reports without the commitment of a contract.

You can choose from a basic level 1 report, which provides a summary/snapshot of a business to up to a more detailed comprehensive Level 3 report. Alternatively, you can choose our award-winning Dual Reports that provides 2 Credit Opinions in one easy to understand report.

Prices will vary according to the level chosen:

  • Level 1 - £8
  • Level 2 - £10
  • Level 3 - £14
  • Dual Report - £20

A report plus 12 months monitoring is £16 and you are automatically upgraded to a Level 3 Report. Once a report is purchased and monitoring is selected you have access to that report for 12 months and can run a new report for no extra cost whenever you like.

Simply search the company you are looking for on our homepage or the search below, follow the instructions online and gain access to the report in seconds, or call one of our Team on 01494 790600 today.

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